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Irish Journalism before Independence
Independent Newspapers: a history
The Irish War of Independence in the Midlands
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The Irish Civil War in the Midlands
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Irish Journalism before Independence

I have contributed a chapter to the following history of Irish Journalism, edited by Kevin Rafter (Senior Lecturer in DCU) and published by Manchester University Press. The book was launched in November 2011 by Pat Rabitte, Minister for Communications.

Irish journalism before independence - More a disease than a profession - Edited by Kevin Rafter

They reported wars, outraged monarchs and promoted the case for their country’s freedom. The pages of Irish Journalism Before Independence: More a Disease than a Profession are filled with the remarkable stories of reporters, proprietors and propagandists. Sixteen leading writers celebrate the emergence of Irish Journalism in this original and engaging volume. These leading media academics, historians and scholars join in what is a festschrift travelling the long Irish nineteenth century to 1922. Their stories, narratives and histories illustrate
the emergence of Irish journalism chronicling the evolution and development of the profession, and the various challenges confronted by the first generation of modern journalists.

The collection makes valuable and important contribution to our knowledge of Irish journalism and offers its readers a very good read. In his preface Professor James Curran concludes that the volume 'advances by leaps and bounds the history of the Irish press'. Luke Gibbons reviewed the book in The Irish Times. Click
here to read (the page is behind the IT paywall). Chris Morash reviews the book in Journalism Studies (That review can be found here, although a subscription is required to read the whole piece). Danielle Moran of the the Politics and Policy Department in the London School of Economics reviewed the book here.


Preface - James Curran
Introduction - Kevin Rafter
1 Journalism in Ireland: The Evolution of a Discipline - Mark O’Brien
2 How journalism became a profession - Michael Foley
3 Loyalty and Repeal: The Nation, 1842-6 - M. L. Brillman
4 Keeping an Eye on the Tsar: Frederick Potter and the Skibbereen Eagle - Matthew Potter
5 The leader writer: James Woulfe Flanagan of The Times - Maurice Walsh
6 Mr Russell of The Times - Peter Murtagh
7 Emile Joseph Dillon – From our Special Correspondent - Kevin Rafter
8 The Irishness of Francis McCullagh - John Horgan
9 Patriotism, Professionalism and the Press: The Chicago Press & Irish Journalists, 1875-1900 - Gillian O’Brien
10 O’Brennan Abroad: An Irish Editor in London and America - Anthony McNicholas
11 Newspapers, journalists and the early years of the Gaelic Athletic Association - Paul Rouse
12 Newspapers, Journals, and the Irish Revival - Regina Uí Chollatáin
13 Arthur Griffith and the Freeman’s Journal - Felix M. Larkin
14 ‘The prose of logic and of scorn’: Arthur Griffith and Sinn Féin, 1906-1914 - Ciara Meehan
15 From the ‘Freeman’s General’ to the ‘dully expressed’: James Joyce and Journalism - Terence Killeen
16 Truce to Treaty: Irish journalists and the 1920-21 peace process - Ian Kenneally